Lali Torma

Lali Torma

Berlin, Germany

In my calligraphic ink drawings, I generate new images from repetitive movements as representations of the subconscious. Although started from writing, the movements are simplified, looking for primal impulses of expression, so as to dissolve the complexity, restrictiveness and ambiguity of the language. The result of this transcendental quest away from intellectualism resembles a “surface”, or a “membrane” with a profound emotional behavior. There is no figurative interpretation, the artworks are abstract and may resemble landscapes, geological formations, elemental structures, organic membranes, or vibrational fields, but, in the end, they are only inner states which crave being discovered.

Lali Torma - Romanian-Canadian, b. 1975, Oneşti, Romania, lived in Montreal, Canada, based in Berlin, Germany

Original59.4 x 84.1 cm
Original150 x 210 cm

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