Ryan Valdem

Ryan Valdem

Pyatigorsk, Russian Federation

My birth name is Vladimir Mikhailovich Khlyabich. I took for myself a pseudonym
“VALDEM”. It sounds like Aristotle or Picasso. It definitely has its charm.

I was born in 1989. I live and work in the south of Russia in the resort town of Pyatigorsk. When translated into English, my city means that it is surrounded by 5 mountains, and even from my window I can see Elbrus, the highest mountain in Russia and in Europe. This is a beautiful place with lots of lakes, rivers, forests and mountains.

In 2012 I graduated from the institute of design. In my studies, I received classical foundations in academic painting, perspective, I also studied anatomy, composition, and color. What I draw comes from my experiences and emotions.

In 2015, I joined the Creative Union of Artists of Russia - the International Federation of Artists.
Since 2016 I have been engaged in exhibition activities. The first solo exhibition was in the town Zheleznovodsk. It is neiboring town near my hometown.

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