3DOT Fine Art (Samantha Schneider)

3DOT Fine Art (Samantha Schneider)

Crestline, United States

Samantha Schneider is an up and coming artist in the fine arts world, and she’s creating stunning visual depictions of fantasized realities, sending senses of the viewers on an odyssey. Her paintings and drawings use a wide variety of tactics setting an intriguing tone to each piece. She specializes in acrylics; however, fluorescents are beginning to be a big influence on her work as she subtly weaves in luminous details only to be revealed under ultraviolet light. These hidden treasures of symbolism within her work give her a modern day, Renaissance painter quality. She is currently a sophomore enrolled at the Cleveland Institute of Art. Majoring in both painting and drawing, she strives to capture the essence of feelings. Outside of class, she works on creating and selling her custom pieces.

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