Karen "Sian" Jenkins

Karen "Sian" Jenkins

Nairobi, Kenya, Denmark

Artist Biography
Born in Mwanza, Tanzania, Sian was brought up and educated in Kenya. Sian’s childhood was spent sketching anything from Agapanthus to Zebra’s. Aged 18, she travelled to Perugia, Italy to further her studies and, amongst other things, completed a Diploma in Interior Design at The Instituto Europeo Di Arti Operative. In 1995, she returned to Kenya and worked as an Interior Designer, designing and manufacturing made-to-order furniture as well as decorating various business establishments at a time when Interior Design was a novel concept in Kenya. She put her career on hold with the birth of her son and daughter, but kept up her passion for art, experimenting with different mediums and exploring fabric painting, glass etching, ceramics, and making recycled paper, to include elements such as elephant dung, seaweed, and onion skin.

She currently lives in Kenya, East Africa, where there is no lack of inspiration from the nature that is so abundant there.

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