Aldo Sardoni

Aldo Sardoni


Rome 1964 - Attracted by the elements making up the the image whit particular attention to the part of it out of the shot. He Lives in Sardinia - Italy. "I am attracted by the connection, to the elements of different disciplines, also apparently distant but mixed among them that can be a photographic image, a project or part of them. So a novel becomes architecture. A psycological theory or mathematics or both, mix among them make a photographic project, a manner of seeing and interpret. And so on.My job of photographer is tightly tied to the formation of architect, inclinable to a certain abstraction.I have interested to the photo that excites not to a photo that informs. Allusions, reference, composition, beauty, elegance, are the elements that I look for. I would like this to be read in my photos"

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