Ale Stef

Ale Stef

Alexandra Stepanchuk, known professionally as Ale Stef, is originally from Moscow, Russia. She is an artist, social media personality and designer. In January 2014, she created her own fashion brand Ale Stef, displaying her collection in Moscow Fashion Week, the Textile Fashion Show in Riga, Latvia, and other events. She moved to New York in December 2015. One year later she presented her Spring/Summer leather collection for Adrian Alicea at New York's Fashion Week. Her latest project is a cosmetic line Ale Stef Handmade. In 2017 she spent a year of travelling around the United States and Europe. In September 2017, she moved to Los Angeles. In December 2017, she did re-branding - replacing the "p" in Ale Stepf and becoming Ale Stef Brand for easier understanding of her national last name.

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