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Milisunaite Galleries

THE ARTIST Alina Milisunaite is a Danish / Latvian ink artist and illustrator. Alina began drawing in connection with her work at a Latvian orphanage where traumatized children were home. When she drew together with the children, they forgot their loneliness for a while and together they could dream along about where they wanted to belong. Alina is a educated multimedia designer, but her heart is in the art of ink and children, who are disadvantaged. THE ART An illustration showing an animal does not have to be childish-on the contrary, it can teach adults about different sides of oneself. See, for example, Alina's description of her work Dragonhorse: "Some animals have multiple faces. It depends on the situation, whether they are in battle or whether they hide or if they are hunting. Such can humans also be, but they are nicest to be with when the two faces become one. " A.M.'s art is colored with tea, coffee, berries and leaves united in a 100% organic process.

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