Anton Rakun

Anton Rakun

Recica ob Savinji, Slovenia

Art talent is a family tradition while his relative Fran Tratnik was a famous Slovenian impressionistic artist. Anton also took a lesson from the academic painter and art professor who was dedicated to abstract art strictly.
Anton started to paint in early nineties and since then hundreds of his paintings were created and sold. Regardless all the years and success he is still active and work on daily basis. Motifs are sourced from the home land environment, family relations and personal life anecdotes. Always a hard worker and fully dedicated to each piece of art that he works on strictly.
Established his own style with unique features and paint expression that always is in the move and never ending story, in fact his works live constantly and develops it's message. Abstract style is the one that encourages him for continuation and further search of undiscovered in the artistic world. Let's enjoy the times of our lives, art is a major part of it whether we are aware of it or not!

Original50 x 60 cm
Original60 x 50 cm
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Original70 x 60 cm

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