Market manipulation, racism, sexism.

— the art world is broken.

For too long, the art world has been controlled by an exclusive elite that drives up prices and makes art inaccessible.


By some estimates, over 50% of visual artists are women, but less than 5% of the artists featured in the world’s most popular art museum galleries are female.

— Priceconomis, 2015

Commercial galleries charge up to 60% of your works selling price to keep their business running.

At one point, Damien Hirst had 150 people employed to finish his artworks.


Our best estimate is that for any given piece in the National Gallery’s collection, there is a 4% chance that it was made by a woman.

— Priceconomis, 2015

“Women don’t paint very well.
It’s a fact”

— Georg Baselitz, 2015

A recent study shows that works by Andy Warhol and Damien Hirst have been appreciating at a higher rate than the S&P 500.

"There’s never been a great women artist”

— Brian Sewell, Art Critic

In east London, of 43 public works of art, 14% were created by women. In Westminster and the City of London, of 386 public works of art, the proportion created by women is just 8%.

— The guardian

"If the art world was Wall Street, everyone would get jail time for market manipulation."

— Bloomberg

The first woman of color to exhibit solo at the Guggenheim, was Carrie Mae Weems in 2014.
Four years ago…

Many galleries don’t reveal prices until they know who the buyer is, as the price depends on who’s buying.

You’re not allowed to think anything, unless you know what you’re looking at.

The artworld is broken
– we're fixing it!

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