Art by K

Art by K

Århus C. , Denmark

Visual artist, storyteller and traveler
Kirsten K. Kester
from Copenhagen – based in Aarhus
My language is illustrative, figurative with organic forms. Often with strong references to expressionism.
I am fascinated by the body language, the vulnerable and ambiguous.
Throughout my life I have lived with a body that, for others, can be difficult to read. My wheelchair also fills up so much that just a normal conversation can be difficult as people associate the wheelchair with a term that is hard to embrace. This just wakes my curiosity about the body language further.

Mainly I work with pen, pencil, watercolor and digital art, but often inspired by other and new forms of expression. This is partly due to my curiosity to the material, but also because of pain in my body in terms of posture.
For example, digital art I do because of my disability, and I usually work in small formats, as I can not lift my arms. My drawings or paintings made by hand are therefore rarely above the A2 s

Limited edition11.4 x 16.5 in
Limited edition11.4 x 16.5 in

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