Terri Farina

Terri Farina

Dalton, United States

Painter, Photographer, Animal and Nature Lover

My Technique is Self Taught

Inspired by all the senses...Visual beauty in all forms, colors, textures, the perfection of sea shells or glass, the aroma of exotic incense oils, the sound of ocean waves crashing on a rocky coastline and feeling it deeply within my soul, breathing the fresh ocean air, or silent walks in nature...

I feel the need to create with paint and get into “The Zone”. I paint freely and allow the Universal Energy to flow on to the canvases.
My paintings cannot be “recreated” to exactly match the brush strokes that were created at an earlier time. Each painting is unique, a signature.

I truly believe there is beauty everywhere if you are open and allow yourself to experience it.

Art and Music are open to Interpretation; No two people will hear music or see art in the same way...It’s brilliant!


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