Hanging key lamp

by Jonathan Pradillon

Wood / Metal Sculpture : Hanging key lamp.Work made from a branch of ivy debarked with a wood chisel and sanded with sandpaper manually.Base carved from a solid wood board with chisel and rotary machine, sanded by hand.Wood treatment : 2 layers of teak and ash color mix + 2 layers of glazer.Lamp head welded from washers, nails, bolts, hinges and keys.Treatment of the lamp head : anti-rust product (2 layers).Power supply with mains switch (220 ~ 240v).Thinkmore E14 bulb consumption 4W 40...

Shipping to United States: $12
Ships from France.

Jonathan Pradillon

Jonathan Pradillon

After having completed 4 years of study alternately in computer graphics and art and craft, having thought well following his future Jonathan Pradillon preferred, rather than moving towards computer graphics, look to the world of manual art and more precisely to painting.Passionate since his childhood by the mixing and play of colors, shapes and art, it is now since 2012 that he devotes himself completely to the realization of his works, and declared professionally since the beginning of 2015.

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