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by lucia schettino

mixed media on newspaper2016One can think of the fifteen cards as fragments of a transcription of an inner matter. We can imagine it as musical, or even made of the words of those fast thoughts that run after each other without a specific destination and overlapping: where noise and silence, more than conflict, suddenly pass the witness. Therefore, there can hardly ever be any room in these works for geometry beyond that which resides in the discipline of the installation and in the typograph...

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lucia schettino

lucia schettino

Lucia Schettino’s research, in an original and actual way, connected itself to the informal art tradition. Actually it didn’t seem she isinterested to the argued topica boutfigured art and abstract art, she doesn’t see minfluenced to recognisability of signs, which don’t avoid, when occurs, to refert hem self to human body, nature and landscape or to everyobjectshewants use for the creation of herartwork, creatingit ex novo or derivingit from fragments of images or print texts of books, jurnals, photos, or previous artworks or incisions. In her artwork, sometimes, collage comes out to the square and rectanglesurfaces, in thatcanonicspacethatis the paper or canvas. Her art work refuses the idea of a closed and defined abstract space, in which are fixed the usual media of painting or the unusal ones of collage, which introduces viability in the costruction.

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