Family Natal 14

by isabel robledo

I was thinking in a present to my sister, she collects Nativity scenes from around the world. This was my present to her but there are lots of people around the world that collects Nativity scenes. Mine is done with clay bottles.All of pieces are different, taller, big, Mary with mantle big or small, Joseph with beard or without beard ... Baby Jesus could be big or small. It's a serial of works but all of them are different than the other ones.

Shipping to United States: $119
Ships from Spain.

isabel robledo

isabel robledo

I born in 1970 in Cantabria, Spain, she is living and working in Salamanca. Since childhood she showed a great interest in art. Her talent developed throughout his primary and secondary education. After graduating as Master of Fine Arts she explored painting in all media, but her favourite is oil painting. My paintings reflect my love of the outdoors, especially those places near a stream, a river, a lake, or the sea.

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