by Nicolai Ostapenco

This artwork is made by traditional technology. Oil paints, canvas and linseed oil. I love to write etudes from life in a bright impressionistic manner. Small colorful strokes form a rainbow palette. I will try to convey the movement of air masses and the difference between illuminated and shady places.

Roses always cause admiration.

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Nicolai  Ostapenco

Nicolai Ostapenco

Nikolai Ostapenko, creative pseudonym Nikifor Sviristuhin
1965 - born in Kakhovka, Kherson region. The family of the artist G.N.Ostapenko.
1966 - The family moves to Chisinau.
1982 - Enters Chisinau Pedagogical University im.I.Kryange. Graphic Art Faculty
1993 - Graduates from University.
1994 - The first personal exhibition.
2000 - Transfer of the "Art Club" National TV. Chisinau.
2006 - Transfer Arteler. National TV. Chisinau.

Solo Exibitions

1994 - "Purple Twilight" House Officers. Chisinau.
2001 - "Urban Romance" Step Gallery. Chisinau.
2003 - «Infiniti» Office of the company. Chisinau.
2004 - Swiss representation in Moldova.
2004 - «Infiniti» Office of the company. Chisinau.
2004 - Hotel «Leogrand» Gallery Atrium. Chisinau.
2004 - The OSCE Mission to Moldova. Chisinau.
2004 - Office of the French Alliance. Chisinau.
2005 - Hotel «Leogrand» Gallery Atrium. Chisinau.
2005 - The exhibition "Colors of the hypostasis." Palace of the Parliament of the Republic of Romania. Exhibition

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