Three Tulips under the Moon

by patricia

acrylics on thick paper, actually the back of an agenda page. it started out as a doodle and just took on a life of its own.. as my art usually shipping wordlwidethe colours might vary slightly depending on the settings of your monitor

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born and raised in switzerland and south africa, lived in various countries in europe and asia, and now after almost 20 years of living abroad i am back. with me, are impressions, colours, energies, styles, cultures.. a mixture of the world.. and this influences my art. i create in bold colours mostly, mixed media, with or without collage elements.. i collect, cut, snip .. for my collages... it is always a process to create.. i never know what it's going to be.. the art creates itself, as i proceed.. intuitively .. i am open to be inspired, letting my subconscious take over, giving my muse the go ahead.. not letting my intellect interrupt the process.. just going with the flow. art is like meditation... it centers me, gives me inner balance, peace, tranquility, joy and happiness.

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