Hot Coffee in the Desert

by Robert Canaga

I love to create problems and solve them with paint. I did a series years ago for a one-man show at a museum that was about vessels, this shape stuck with me. Making a flat surface dimensional is always fun.

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Robert Canaga

Robert Canaga

At the age of 15, I was offered a two-month visit to Paris to study art by Oregon State University. They came and explained to my parent that all costs would be covered. My mom was thrilled but my dad said: "Art's for fags, you're gonna work!"I stopped making art and started singing Rock and Roll. In 1989, at the age of 40, I took a drawing class after a summer on Ponape working as an anthropologist. The first drawing I did is framed and hanging in my studio to remind me that I can draw if I need to.Coming back to art saved my life. I had 25 years of anger and resentment bundled up waiting to explode. Art was the release. I switched from Anthro to printmaking and began to blossom. Now I am in 5 Museum collections, have a had two one-person museum shows, curated for three galleries and numerous art shows, have had my work published, even had one of my photographs projected on the Lovre in Paris. I finally made it to Paris in 1976 and have been back many times.

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