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by Toverwoudcreatief

I used 2 photos as an example for this watercolor painting.  The challenge was to show the boards and the reflection in the water.  The whole thing seemed a bit boring so I cut off a part of the right side and the top of the illustration.  As a result, the objects present themselves better to the public, making the whole more attractive.  It was a fascinating study

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Mariëlle van Woudenberg was born in The Netherlands in 1960.  She started her creative career as an autodidactic and participates weekly in a model drawingcourse at the Haagse Kunstkring. Frequently she meets other artists in her atelier, which is very inspiring.  Mariëlle is fascinated by painting the human body. Emotion is her guideline, the connecting link in our being. Passion and emotions for example in sport and nature brings her to the essence.

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