Taste of Ocean - Abstract painting - Square

by AV-Alessandra Viola Paintings

Taste of Ocean is an original artwork created with acrylic colours on canvas. It is part of a collection called Stardust.The edge is painted in dark green and ready to be hung up.It will be sent with a certificate of authenticity.If you've ever been on the beach, then you've probably tasted a little bit of ocean water. It's salty and refreshing.When I look at the painting, it takes me there, on the beach. It makes me feel calm and relaxed and all my thoughts are pushed away by the waves of ...

Shipping to United States: $125
Ships from United Kingdom.

AV-Alessandra Viola Paintings

AV-Alessandra Viola Paintings

Self-taught Italian abstract artist Alessandra Viola has had her paintings collected by art lovers across the globe. Alessandra's work possesses that unique quality found in all great art;- it connects on a deep level with the viewer and elicits a strong emotional response. Through her bold use of colour, texture and evocative abstract forms, she draws the observer into her world, tapping into a broad range of emotions. The intention is always to create art that moves and lifts you out of the ordinary world but can often be very personal in it's meaning to the individual.Alessandra's work centres around her combinations of texture and colour, the acrylic paint latching onto the plaster she often applies to her base coat, creating depth and intrigue when the light hits it from different angles. She loves to use a variety of implements from wide brushes to spatulas, pallet knives and squeegees.

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