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CORONA AUGUSTUS by Beatrice Bobst

by Malamegi Lab

During these troublesome times, I’ve used the medium of painting as a way to exorcise negativity.Inspired by nature, I considered the case of the Semper Augustus, a renowned kind of tulip during the seventeenth century in the Netherlands. Its bulb, infected by the Potyvirus, in full blooming showed beautiful colored streaks on the petals.The negative but not totally destructive essence of the virus had eventually enhanced the tulip, renovating it into a unique variety.Will this be our future?...

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Malamegi Lab

Malamegi Lab

Malamegi Lab is the creative laboratory of Malamegi company. Through Malamegi Lab it actively supports art and artists.“MALAMEGI LAB 15 ART CONTEST” aims to be a selection of high-quality artworks with a contemporary visual impact. The competition’s aim is to promote the enrolled artist, giving them chance to join the international market of contemporary art.

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