Hand embellished: "Winter meeting No 1"

by Lisbeth Thygesen

This art piece is shipped unframed.
Dette værk sendes uden ramme.
Hvis du bor i Københavnsområdet, så kom forbi mit atelier og køb min kunst der, så sparer du portoen :)
Skriv blot en besked på lisbeth_t@live.dk

Hand embellished, beautiful, signed print on excellent, smooth, high quality 200 g/m paper. This piece is totally unique with embellishments graphite pencils.

This unique work is signed and numbered on the front.

Danish: -->

Hånd-dekoreret kunsttryk:
Dette er et hånddekoreret, smu...

Shipping to United States: $22
Ships from Denmark.

Lisbeth Thygesen

Lisbeth Thygesen

My name is Lisbeth Thygesen. I am a narrative and figurative visual artist. I describe my art as magical realism, but I’ve also been described as a pop surrealist and a visionary artist.

I am inspired by dreams, dream-traveling, spirituality and the Scandinavian or Nordic nature and create my images out these worlds. When I paint, I try not to interpret what I'm painting. The pictures come to life through an intuitive process, where I almost never use sketches. The intuitive, dreamlike process is very important for me to stick to.

I was born in 1973 and live in Frederiksberg, Denmark where my art studio is also located. I have previously exhibited in several places in Denmark, as well as in Sweden, Spain and Germany.

I've been accepted into the following Censored Exhibitions:
- The Artists' Censored Easter exhibition 2018( KP18)
- Hillerød Censored Spring Exhibition 2018 where I was also the winner of the public prize.
- Hvidovre Censored Exhibition 2016 HCU16

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