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by bitten

Tango Argentino is the passion of my parents. In 2004 at the age of 60, my father went through a servere and complicated heart surgery and almost passed away. Well he did't. - And some years later they began dancing the Argentinian Tango. It has brought new hope and joy into their lives and every year they leave Denmark and to visit Agentina for a few months, to meet friends and dance. This is a painting of some very famous Argentinian dancers whom have become very good friends of my parents.

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Hello. My name is Bitten Kari. I'm a Teacher and self taught artist living in Denmark. I like to draw portraits with pen and paper. I find portraits very interesting and challenging, since the human eye is very skilled when it comes to recognizing and observing human features. Though I also draw other things. Another thing I enjoy is working with acrylic paintings and I like to use different styles and techniques depending on what I am making. I have lots of fun making silk screen printing, based on my drawings or photographies. As source of inspiration I'd say life in general, music, people, nature and so on. Sometimes I feel I have something important on my mind and sometimes I'm just flowing along to see where the process is bringing me. Music has always played a major part in my life so naturally it is a big source of inspiration. As I have lived almost my entire life in a small town, close to nature ( and I teach biology ) nature has become a source of inspiration too.

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