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by AMA

Abstrakt maleri / Abstract paintingJeg elsker at lege med farverne - og lade dem udfolde sig... / I love to play with the colors - and allow them to unfold...

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Jeg elsker at male og udtrykke mig gennem farver og former. Nogle af mine billeder er fra naturen, andre er fra den indre verden. De to former for malerier inspirerer hinanden - naturen bliver mere "gennemsigtig" og den indre verden bliver mere forbundet med denne. Nøgleord for mig er glæde ved livet og glæde ved at skabe!I love painting and expressing myself through colors and shapes. Som of my paintings are from the nature, others from the inner world. The two kinds of paintings inspire each other - naure becomes more "transparent", and the inner world becomes more connected to this one . Keywords to me: Joy of life and joy of creating!

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