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Rory Gallagher

by Melanie Wood

Rory Gallagher, considered one of the greatest guitarists every, being a quiet, private and humble man didn't carry himself around as though he were one of the best. The blues man from Ireland existed, as he put it, to play guitar and if he could have an audience that was great. It seems also that he cared nothing for the theatrics of concerts, often seen wearing double denim, flannel work shirts and sneakers, projecting a low-key atmosphere with his wild playing and movements always taking up t...

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Melanie Wood

Melanie Wood

My name is Melanie. From a very young age, I have been interested in drawing and personally developing my own techniques and have been drawing for 42 years. Although I took four years of art in high school, my education did not extend past graduation. Therefore I consider myself entirely self-taught. My interest lies mostly in under-appreciated actors and musicians, those with a high level of talent that should have received more recognition for their work but sadly received little in their lifetimes. The faces seen here may be better known in some countries or areas, but in a general sense they are lesser known or have fallen entirely into obscurity. It is always a great joy to me to discover these people, so much so that I am often inspired to draw them. An even greater pleasure is later discovering these same people were often humble and kind. And so I draw them with much care and love. I sincerely hope their sweetness is reflected in my drawings of them.

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