by Maj Johansen -Drawing

Acrylic paint on quality paper. The hand is collaged into the piece to give it depth. This is part of a series called: Nature takes over. I made it for an exhibition, wondering how strong and wise nature is. slowly but securely convincing us to take care of this planet.Working with theese images, brought me back to my childhood where I easily became emerced in the surrounding nature. So I chose bright colors, pencil, carbon, ink ... just because ...I love painting repetitative patterns, like...

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Maj Johansen -Drawing

Maj Johansen -Drawing

Have a look at my other shop as well: maj-johansen-Fine artAbout a journeyMy art is about reaching the forgotten places inside of us. It about the feeling you get from looking at it. I've been an artis for about 30 years by now. Not always as a painter and illustrator, but also as a graphic designer, an actress, an energy teacher, a playwrite and an author. Life moves in mysterious ways and the river brought me back to canvas, paint and paper. So here I am, working with shapes and colors while quietly observing the different mediums behavior on the surface. Not that different from being an actress dancing in a room, or shooting a perfect word into the darkness from a theater stage.Art runs in my blod, it is my Being, and I believe that everyone are born with a creative heart. When you look at art, a feeling or an emotion arises in you. In this way, the image I have made is only a bridge to the real living art: the emotion it starts in you. The life that lives through you.

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