A Patchwork of Waves no 3

by Harriet Hue

Coastal and seascape oil painting on canvas unframed.Bold brushstrokes layered thickly and purposefully to not only capture your eye from a distance but to also hold your attention when up close.This piece focuses on pure line and colour. Something that resonates strongly throughout Harriet's work. To capture those moments in summer on holiday that cause one to stand still. To get lost in the forever changing colours that slowly move, wave after wave.The piece is sold unframed. The photo s...

Harriet Hue

Harriet Hue

Based in a studio on the Isle of Wight, within the famous coastal town of Cowes.Hue studied at Northampton University back in 1998. Gaining a 1st Class degree in Fine art Painting and Art History.This led onto further study and creative pursuits into digital design and illustration in Brighton.Now set within a coastal environment of sea and sand, you can see how Island living has influenced the direction of her work. Especially with the recent popular series of work in oils, called…’The little people’.Alongside this, a rise in interest from clients to revisit portraiture has been gaining ground this past few years.She exhibits in Galleries on the Island as well as online galleries. And recently was featured in 'House and Garden' in the Summer 2019.

Pumped up prices and uppity arrogance

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