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Red Fall

by Jean-Pierre Walter

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Jean-Pierre Walter

Jean-Pierre Walter

 Influenced by Johannes Vermeer, Jean Siméon Chardin, Lubin Baugin, Sebastian Stoskopff, Jan Van Eyck, Pieter Claesz, Willem Claeszoon Heda or Clara Peeters, I particularly enjoy working textures, complex effects of metal with reflections or distortions of glass with its transparency according to the technique of the Flemish primitives with under-layer, dead-layer and glaze. Fan of chiaroscuro and Renaissance, I also appreciate working the depth and density while using references of Symbolist painters formerly used by Dutch Protestants as the walnut, hazelnut, grape or peeled lemon. Professional artist since 2005, I’ve made to this date more than 1,200 still lifes and dispatched more of 1,900 paintings around the world. (* see list of countries below) I use to paint Sennelier brand because it contains safflower oil and yellows less than others who are in linseed oil. I’m currently not represented by a gallery.

Art is about moving people and that most definitely

shouldn’t be a privilege for the few.