Brick Monkey

by Justin Langenberg

"Brick Monkey" by Justin Langenberg 201512" x 24" Pencils, Watercolors and Computer Magic. Giclée Print. Printed on High Quality Matte Litho Stock.Limited number of prints will be made at this size.Sometimes you start out the day working on one project, and the next thing you know you've made an old timey monkey, tied to a bunch of balloons, dropping bricks on people.

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Justin Langenberg

Justin Langenberg

I'm a Chicago based artist. I generally work with pencils and watercolors, with a splash of computer magic. I have an ever growing series called "A Chicago Halloween" featuring various Chicago neighborhoods on one of the greatest nights of the year. Many of my pieces involve holidays, history and/or traditions in one way or another. You can check out more of my work and various projects at Thanks!

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