The brown eyed girl (2018)

by Corné Akkers

Oil on wood panel (71.2 x 90.1 x 0.9 cm)Artist: Corné AkkersA commission for a classic portrait. I focused on the complexion of the beautiful young woman that is from indonesian and dutch origin, showing a great mixture of madder red, burnt sienna, green, purple, yellow and blue hues in her face. I decided to put the stress on the face and the hands and therefor asked her to wear something dark. It’s a hint to dutch masters of the 17th century that did the same in order to draw the attention...

Corné Akkers

Corné Akkers

1969, born in Nijmegen. My work can be seen in many countries all over the world. Corné employs a variety of styles that all have one thing in common: the ever search for the light on phenomena and all the shadows and light planes they block in. His favorites in doing so are oil paint, dry pastel and graphite pencil.

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