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by Bjornskov paintings - Søren Bjørnskov

str. 60x80 cm.

Note: Artwork does not ship to United States
Ships from Denmark.

Bjornskov paintings - Søren Bjørnskov

Bjornskov paintings - Søren Bjørnskov

Søren Bjørnskov was born in Denmark on June 30, 1975, in the city of Skanderborg. After completing schooling, he trained as an auto mechanic. As a child, Søren drew a lot, everything from faces, people and landscapes and was very fascinated by shadows. The passion for abstract painting, started in the year 2002. He is a self-taught artist and the various technicians he uses can be anything from spartle, spray, brush scrap with cardboard, tire print, sponge or quirky tools from his studio. Crushed coffee beans are sometimes thrown on the canvas, because he is immensely fond of a good cup of coffee.Søren sees his art as abstract and modern, expressionism strikes him at times. When the artist works layer by layer with the palette of colors, it is here, in this process, the work tells its story. It can be faces, people, landscapes or an action that you as consider can discover in the abstract universe, therefore you will be able to discover new elements in his Works.

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