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the big kiss .painting .original .gouache..re

by Benbenart Bono

i am a painter and art collector who travels and sees a lot of shows . i paint oil and gouache . acrylic ..i live in the village artisans .in nature .pacific green and a lot imagination and a sense of freedom living your life .i did a lot of shows painting studied painting in high school art ...i am an artist and art collector worldwide .participated in lots of group exhibitions .the painting are a lot galleries u.s,a..argentina .netherlands ..a collection of art of my art is the relationship be...

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Benbenart Bono

Benbenart Bono

hello everyone--i am an artist who paints abstract things that everyone sees what his eyes see. my whole world full of color and imagination . color makes me fell good and brings light and joy to me .i use different colors like oil. acrylic gouache .all my life i have learned a lot of frames of the art special schools and developed with it...i live in a small village green and pastoral . most of my paintings abstract and refreshing with imagination and creativity .i am also a collector of some world famous artists here in the store every piece has a very monetary value .it artisans presenting their art around the world .new-york .brlin .amsterdam and more ..--i do to hear always help each was spoken to by email . secured shipment sent and safely packed in hard tube .and insured mercury .i would also like to bring trees to the agent within 48 hours ...TANK YOU…

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