Abstract green universe


Original handmade painting on a gallery wrapped cotton/polyester canvas. High quality natural pigment acrylic paints are used. The edges are painted, does not require framing, and is ready to hang on your wall. The painting is covered with varnish to preserve color and protect from UV-light, dust and moisture. Also, the painting is signed and signed certificate of authenticity is provided.

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Ships from Denmark.



Bring the Colors into your home - is my motto. I work with unpretentious compositions that bring clear and bright colors into the home, creating an optimistic and happy atmosphere. My colorful works seems like a welcome contrast to the subdued Nordic style, and with its distinctive color scheme, it lifts with warmth and light. My inspiration often comes from nature, where I would like to unite motifs and techniques with a playful palette of colors, and through this convey a bubbly joy of life, whether it's abstract compositions or acrylic paintings that go very close to flora and fauna. As an artist, I am self-taught and master many techniques. Therefore, you will experience a great span within my works from painting to doodling.

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