Be The Rose

by Angela Dierks

Unique art|39.4 x 39.4 in

Inspired by a line in a Rumi poem. A large abstract oil painting with strong colours. Purple, magenta, green and black combine to a vivid painting that would be the focal point in any room. The painting was built with a palette knife over many layers.

The canvas is painting around the edges. Hooks have been fixed and the painting is ready for hanging.

A large, abstract oil painting on box canvas.


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Angela Dierks

Angela Dierks

After a long career in higher education I discovered two new passions in my life in 2006: art and psychotherapy. I retrained as a therapist and have been continuously working towards improving my artistic output ever since that ‘Eureka’ moment. The most obvious connection between these two professions is the preoccupation with emotions. In my therapeutic work I talk about emotions; in my art I aim to translate emotions into visual markers on canvas.

Much of my earlier range of work was influenced by my psychotherapy training; the pieces were concerned with memories and dreams peeling away at them layer by layer. The work that followed were abstract representations of landscapes finding inspiration in the beauty of the outside world: gentle landscapes in the UK, the Arctic Circle, the warm and fiery tones of Mediterranean countryside, dramatic skyscapes and the movement of the sea and the dramatic beauty of flowers.

Viewers often comment on the strong colours that I use in my work. O

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