Tropical II

by Paulo Flatau

Lines with texture white and colored stripes

This is a contemporary work of art developed through the technique I created to paint without the use of brushes. The tridimensional result is unique and beautiful. The colors gain strength valued by the brightness of the pure pigments.

The Work can be hung horizontally or vertically.

During a long time, I'm looking for my own style of painting. I tried to paint with plumber materials, carpentry materials, and lawn materials. But nothing works bett...

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Paulo Flatau

Paulo Flatau

Paulo Flatau is a Brazilian Contemporary Artist, living and working in Miami, FL - USA. His style is largely about color mixture, non-stop movement, and the strong way he spreads the painting all around the canvas. Paulo Flatau demonstrated passion, creativity and a great interest in arts and painting at an early age. Nowadays, many of his paintings are inspired by Gerhard Richter Techniques. In your artwork, You can easily notice the use of tools that replace the brush. Flatau uses kitchen tools and common tools in Civil Construction. This inspiration also comes from the Chinese Contemporary Art.

True works of chance ruled by laws of nature.
Completely abstract canvases. Often leads a viewer's attention to the pure pigment's dense, material nature, thereby demonstrating both its expressive strengths and shortcomings.

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