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The Jaguar and I "El Jaguar y yo"

by Arte Cinthya Picazo

El Jaguar es un felino en peligro de extinción y habita en la zona del altiplano Mexicano es el tercer felino más grande del mundo, es muy hermoso y esta en peligro de extinción. Para mi la hermosura de los felinos va mas allá de su piel y su estuctura; también habla de un animal salvaje que usa su instinto de supervivencia, nosotros como humanos somos iguales, para mi este cuadro hace énfasis en proteger a los felinos como parte de nuestro todo, y la dualidad de la belleza y peligro que represe...

Ships from Mexico.

Arte Cinthya Picazo

Arte Cinthya Picazo

I am a female Mexican painter who loves traveling, music, to write, get to know people from around the world, and live new experiences, but mostly I love to paint, it has been my passion and my full time job for 12 years.

I have worked pop art with silkscreen and different techniques, and abstract art also, but figurative artwork has been my favorite since 7 years ago, although I am starting a new Abstract serie, going back to basics. The colors I use in my artwork are inspired in my culture.
Cultures and traditions are really important for me.

I started painting women because gender equality rights and also because I feel identify by being a woman so i think is easier to express women´s emotions by being a woman.

I mixed a lot of techniques to get an innovative style.
I am interested in painting Nature, Humans and Animals and the relationship between them.

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