by Art Z

Limited 30 pcs| 30 in stock|32 x 24 in

This work was created under the impression of a science fiction story in which the director of a big company takes visitors around his company. In one room they saw hundreds of artists, in the second one hundreds of designers and in the third room hundreds of architects and software designers working on their computers. After showing the visitors around, the director told them that at the end he is going to show them the mainframe computer where all the information from the hundreds of workers is being sent and stored. They took an elevator a few floors under the ground, went through three check points, and the director used a secret code to open a heavy metal door. The tour stopped in front of a dirty wooden door with peeling paint. The director opened the door and the visitors saw a tiny dimly lit room covered with cobwebs. They could see rats running across the room, sewer pipes and torn cable wires hanging from the walls.
“So, where is the mainframe?” one of the visitors asked.
“Well, you might have figured it out by now. There is no mainframe”, replied the director.
“And what about people working upstairs? Is this all one big lie?” continued the visitor.
“No, it is not. They need to know that they are doing something important for themselves and their country and whether this information is of any use doesn’t matter. They are all busy doing something and that’s all that matters.”
In the picture you can see adults playing in the playground which is my mainframe computer.



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