Desert Landscape VI

by Dalva Skov

Linocut print – signed, numbered and dated
Due to the technique every print is unique, so the one you receive might differ a bit from the one on the photo.

The art print will be shipped in a cellophane bag and hard cardboard envelope to avoid any damage.
Every shipment comes with a little gift!

The Desert Landscape series started with some watercolor paintings. I wanted to illustrate a dreaming feeling, creating images on the limit between real and surreal. In the series I challenge the viewe...

Ships from Denmark.

Dalva Skov

Dalva Skov

Hello, thank you for visiting!

My name is Dalva Skov, I am a printmaker and self-taught illustrator. I am half French half Danish, living in Kolding, Denmark. I create art in my homestudio and I study graphic communication.

I love experimenting with different mediums to see how it changes the expression in my work. At the moment I especially like linocut print and watercolours... I distort what I see, feel and dream into semi-surrealistic images. In order to keep having fun making art, I avoid censoring myself with perfectionism. Instead I let my instincts and mood shape my work. That way it stays lively and direct. I hope my pieces can spread the same joy and inspiration I felt making it...

If you want to know more, you are welcome to contact me or visit my website
You can also follow me "behind the scenes" on Instagram @dalvaskov

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