by Beth Mohr

Unique art|47.2 x 39.4 in

Time, memory and materiality - an artist statement by Beth Mohr.

I ask myself many questions along the way - before, during and after the creation of a work. Sometimes answers and reflections shows up - peeping out- before they disappear and get lost in my unconscious mind. I think most people know the experience of "almost to remember something" - haveing a sense of something you want to remember, without being able to capture and remember it. Know the feeling when it disappears, just before it gets to your consciousness. If I try to force the answer the answer remains out of reach. When I give up the fight - leave it alone and let time pass, it happens that my subconscious gives me my memories back.

I have my memories and you have yours. But we also shared memories - collective memories, which are joint geological layers. We have repressed the origin of these layer, and have created truisms. We feel like being unique individuals in the center of time with private and subjective memories. And of course we are unique. And of course we have the right to define our own reality. Moments of my life is unique - for me. Memories are clear. Now and later. Over time my memories are changing. But they are still representing the same truth. Memories fit to your personality and needs – make sense all life.

When I take the helicopter away from my own navel and connects to the heights. When I lift me up into bird level, I can easily spot the collective memory. Memories are looking different from above. They are not as subjective as I imagined. They are similar can be grouped, are universal - in some ways trivial and monotonous. Duplication in human life, circular rhythms pulsate in constant repetition without clear linkage to the current time. At the same time represent the standstill of the moment and infinity repetitions.


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