by H-art-mann

Unique art|8.3 x 11.8 in

“Don’t you see me wave at you? Come on, wave me back. Oh...... you think that I’m prickly!? Are you keeping a distance because I’m prickly or am I prickly because you keep a distance? While you figure that out, it’s safe to just wave. “

Artwork is drawn first in pencil and then redrawn in Uni Pin Pen and colored with watercolor.

Unique artwork made with Uni Pin pen and watercolor on watercolor paper 300 g/ 140 lbs. The artwork will be shipped in shown frame.


Delivery to United States: $45.48
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Hi! I’m Lea Hartmann, Danish. I spontaneously started painting in oil an acrylic in 2007. I have always loved art, but felt that it was somehow completely out of reach for me to produce art myself. One day I surprisingly found myself in a café, asking if I could exhibit. They agreed. I had not painted a single painting up till then. I started painting regularly for about a year. Then I held a several years break and didn’t start again until 2014. I switched to drawings/illustrations on watercolor paper, in the ‘doodle’ style instead of oil and acrylic.

In 2016 I was made aware of an upstarted gallery, ‘Gallery Dyrehøj’, and I went with a couple of drawings under my arm and asked if they were interesting for the gallery. They were. Since then I have exhibited in galleries, libraries and schools. Mostly in Denmark, but also in Runavík, Faroe Islands. I have made art for mostly private but also commercial use. Some newspaper articles have been written, some to my surprise.

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