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Cat on desk homage

by pedroac

A watercolour painting based on photo of a cat on a desk, with a lamp. I want it to look somewhat realistic and took 4 days to finish it. My mother felt the creep and sadness when watched it for the first time, since it looked very much like the deceased cat and the painted eyes seemed alive.I started painting it a few days after a cat death and it took 4 weekends to finish it. The cat had a big malign tumour in her belly. It could not be cured and the vet had to kill her, or she would suffer...

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Pedro Couto used to make simple comic books and learned to draw better from books offered by his parents and a cousin. That would make him win his first comic book contest he has joined in 1997.Although he loves the arts, decided to study Computer Sciences to become a computer programmer. Nevertheless, he learned to paint watercolours after the death of a dear cat in 2005. He also studied from books, videos and self-experience how to draw caricatures.

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