Painting number 29

by Ondrejka H

Unique art|19.7 x 19.7 in

While I draw It makes me feel very nice at my hearth and in my soul.
And Inspiration still comes...
I draw paintings with energy which caresing, cure and helps right there where is a need...
I like when everyone sees something different in my paintings - exaclty that, what they need or want to see...

Painting energy - Energy, power, passion in a fragile shell of delicate touches of destiny.

Why do paintings have only numbers?
Every painting have its own future owner together with message which can be seen only by owner himself.
At time when I draw my paintings I don't know who the future owner is. It is his honor to name the painting, own it and use its energy.
Every Painting have its own Certificate of Authenticity and every painting will stay unique original.

Size 50 x 50
Year of origin: 2014


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