by Rasmus Degnbol

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Mauluu-Suu is a small city in the southern part of Kyrgyzstan. During 22 years they mined the area for uranium, producing 10.000 tons of yellowcake uranium for the Soviet nuclearbombs and powerplants. The city was classified and people was unable to get out or get in without a good reason and after 1991 when the soviet union collapsed, the city went into social freefall plumping from population of 55.000 to 15.000 in one year.

How has the city that one was the pride of soviet times recovered and how is life in this little remote city in Kyrgyzstan – this is a photo from my story about the city where uranium waste and soviet lifestyle is still a big part of the Mailuu-Suu population.

In the uranium waste hills children are playing war at evening time. The print comes with signed certificate of authenticity.


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Rasmus Degnbol

Rasmus Degnbol

I am a danish documentary photographer. I am interested in people and their daily life on various places in the world. How does a nomadic tribe go about adjusting to globalwarming, or how does a city once part of Soviet Union cope with the surrounding uranium pollution and unstable economy. These types of questions are my photos about. I give voices to these people and I sell my stories and art to be able to visit more and more places and tell more and more stories. I am a VII Photo masterclass student at the moment working on a project about Vestjylland in Denmark and Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia.

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