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intangible #3

by Joanna Egeberg

See yourself as being inside a bubble where it's only possible to look out of a few holes while you actually want that you could manage everything at the the same time. Sometime life isn't tangible, we just need to admit that.My thoughts about this illustration, was to make something different and intangible.

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Joanna Egeberg

Joanna Egeberg

Hi! I'm Joanna - a 23 full time interior photographer and parttime fashion and lifestyle blogger. Based in Vejle, Denmark. I always strive to do my best, and therefore I am very committed in everything I do. I am motivated by responsibility, freedom and new challenges. I find inspiration through nature, earth, colors, movements and discoveries that I'm making in life and I'm using my pen and brush in a way to express my feelings and ups & downs in life.

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