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by Manuela Marchis

the print is signed and dated on the reverse with the edition number
this print has the maximal size , you can also order smaller sizes

print - ballpoint pen drawing
limited edition 20 pieces

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Ships from United Kingdom.

Manuela Marchis

Manuela Marchis

I am drawing in rhythm with what I represent as an individual and I am trying to express in my works the liberty in tune with the energy of the Universal Message.
My collections emulates a figurative surrealism Universe that is fluid and captures the volume and shape of all livings.
My work is closely related to an inner personal research and the dualism of life, in which the mystery of the imaginary transcends in matter, fallowing the energetic and informational maps of creation.
It is a meditation for me, a connection to the cosmic realm , where the harmony and rebirth are constantly flowing as a river.
I rely mostly on ballpoint pen as a primary tool and sometimes use mixture of digital graphics and drawings.

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