''The layers of dreaming consciousness''

by Vardan Aslanyan

Oil, acrylic on canvasSeeing dreams are endless source of inspiration for me. My works are connected to my experience of dreaming. These are attempts to organise the chaotic images I see on the screen of my consciousness when I am asleep.As an artist I am more interested in the visual side of the dream rather than the interpretation. I am especially interested to explore two of the stages of the dreaming. First is the one called REM when the sleeper may experience vivid dreams. The second i...

Vardan Aslanyan

Vardan Aslanyan

Vardan Aslanyan is an extremely versatile artist who can turn his hand to any number of subjects with great dexterity. He came to art at an early age being raised in a family of architects. The creative atmosphere where he was growing made him love Arts and find his pathway. He has graduated from a professional art school for children and got his Master Degree in Fine Arts from Armenian Pedagogical University.Vardan’s works including oil paintings, illustrations and stained-glass artworks have been seen in group exhibitions in London, Glasgow, Moscow, and Yerevan and in solo exhibition in Ona, Spain.In 2014 Vardan has been shortlisted as a finalist of the Winter Pride London Art Competition and was exhibited throughout the festival in various venues in London.Based in London, Vardan works on oil paintings, pencil drawings and illustrative art. He also works on children’s illustrated books and fascinated with bringing alive his imaginary world in highly detailed hand-drawings on paper. His drawings and paintings are regularly purchased by private collectors from Armenia, Russia, England, Scotland and the USA.

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