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When the Dusk is Coming

by Tanya Hansen

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Tanya  Hansen

Tanya Hansen

Tanya Hansen - established artist, who was born and raised in Ukraine, surrounded by beautiful nature and famous artists. Ten years in the advertising business as a graphic designer and project manager inspired her to create paintings that everyone likes and everyone wants to have in their collections. Even after moved to the USA in 2014 she continued her art creation. In USA, Tanya Hansen continues to progress his passion for painting and transferred to the canvas most of her graphic designer works, which now successfully sold across the United States. The inspiration of every painting she does comes from what is around her, which she believes is nothing than a pure energy, usually shown to her like feeling, image or thought. This energy initiates a process of creation that ends with a new piece of art. The composition and colors in her paintings are the feelings that she has in herself.Tanyasunart - art, that brings the Sun. www.tanyasunart.com

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