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by Esti Fass

Impressionistic painting of gentle canal waters reflect tree-lined path alongside the Raritan Canal.A favorite walking path near artist's home threatened with dredging

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Esti Fass

Esti Fass

I embraced painting over thirty years ago while battling cancer at a young age. Painting became an essential vehicle to express my utter joy and appreciation for the beauty of this precious world. My paintings are predominantly impressionistic, but some are whimsical and expressionistic. My subjects are primarily floral, landscapes and realistic portraits. Media choices include oils, acrylics, water color, ink charcoal, and pencil. My paintings are held in private collections in the U.S. and in Israel. Signed and numbered limited edition Giclée reproductions are now available for purchase.

Art is about moving people and that most definitely

shouldn’t be a privilege for the few.