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Dear David

by Lasse Snorgaard

Edition of 50 copies numbered and signed.
54.5 x 43 cm*
Paper: Enhanced Matte 190 gr.

* Including a margin of 3 cm at the sides/top and a bottom margin of 3.3 cm

Dear David is a simple tribute to the great artist David Bowie.

Working with digtial art has been an exciting challenge, and this artwork has been created on an ipad from start to finish. As an analogue trained artist, it is a very different medium and a very different workflow required to succeed.

Ships from Denmark.

Lasse Snorgaard

Lasse Snorgaard

I have been working with art since my teenage years, and have undergone a tremendous journey in genres, isms and styles.
Today I have found a creative calm within 2 art genres - the abstract painting and digital drawing. As a long-time art teacher focusing on the analog arts, working with digital art has been a fantastic revelation. It is a world miles away from the studio with the great canvases, the paint and the creative chaos. I love the abstract painting with the many layers, the slow process and the substance of the work, but I also love the sharp look, the possibility of mistakes and the wealth of opportunities digital art allows me. I bridge the gap between the analogue and the digital art world and celebrate both genres as they certainly do not exclude each other.
I work in layers, pay tribute to the unexpected and honor the craft. The artworks take time to create, often a lot of time, but thats what great art requires in my little creative world.

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