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Synaptic explosions - colorbirths


Acrylics on canvas. Part of the "Temporal Densities" series. Visual poetic expressions through the exploration of temporality, structures and behavior of paint. Most of the works in this series are a combination of slow and swift color processes.

Shipping to United States: $30
Ships from Denmark.



IOFEYE is an artist based in Denmark, working with multiple media and expressive formats (visual fine arts, digital art, sonic creation, motion art and installations), as well as intersections and combinations of them. Focus of IOFEYE work is on exploration, experimentation, collision and combination of elements, spontaneous storytelling and organic unfolding, exploring the emergent both through the produced work and in the process itself. Much of the work is created precisely through exploration of processes, modalities of work and creation and engagement with the different dynamics and associations that occur through creative unfolding. The approach can be either very organic and emergent, tuned into the intuitive sense of creation, or formed in a more directed way through a more directed exploration of topic, theme, motif or process.Website: www.iofeye.comInstagram: @iofeye_art

Art is about moving people and that most definitely

shouldn’t be a privilege for the few.