by Ronald Hofman

Unique art|100 x 120 cm

I love the contrast of using the original underground to create a some what vintage style look. I started with a black background and added white and yellow, followed by the character and detail. As finish I worked on the grey background, a colour made out of a very bright blue and light grey.


Jamie, 120x100 cm, Acrylic on canvas

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Thanks Anders

Sep 27th, 2017
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Really cool :)

Sep 26th, 2017

Ronald Hofman

Kolding, Denmark

Ronald Hofman is a Dutch self taught artist, born i 1967. In 2004 he emigrated to Denmark and lives together with the love of his life Mette in a beautiful old house, looking over the city of Kolding. Together the have 3 kids. Ronald started in a very young age with drawing and every piece of white paper he turned into a little cartoon or frawing around 2006 he started to explore and experiment with paint and now this is a important for him as drawing . Ronald is very inspired by Japan, traditional tattoos and traditional Japanese drawings of flowers and figures. This you will find back in many of his drawings and also in some of his paintings. He has different periods. Sometimes colour is all over and other periods, colours are minimal. Ronald is very inspired by artists like Francoise Nielly, Andrew Salgado, James Jean and Alpay Efe.

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